Weekend Adventures

We started our weekend with Thanksgiving at the food machine’s brother’s house.   It was a fun time with family and of course very interesting as the little munchkin was just figuring out she could crawl pretty far.   For the last few weeks dad thanked the floor gods for the slippery hardwoods that created a moat around every area rug.  Our little explorer was reasonably contained for that period of time.  Unfortunately, Uncle’s house was where we learned we could actually navigate those slippery floors if we wanted something badly enough.  Ever since that realization struck, the parental units have been busy.  Regardless though, dinner was nice. Uncle took a chance and broke out the fancy tableware.


After changing into stretchy pants and sleeping off our turkey coma, food machine, Grandma G and Uncle went to downtown Seattle

Pier 66 Seattle
Pier 66 Seattle

After a nice drive back home, the family spent the rest of the weekend having fun.  We decorated for Christmas, went to mass, and even took the food machine’s Mercedes out for a drive through Winter Wonderland at the raceway.  Little One was exhausted and didn’t want to get out of the car.

The sound of a Diesel is a lullaby...
The sound of a Diesel is a lullaby…

AND….  we got our 8th tooth today.

My, what cute little chompers this koala has
My, what cute little chompers this koala has

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