Pink hands and shiny things

This weekend has tired out not only the baby but also the parental units. The tall one and I have been working on getting the house cleaned up and decorated before the onslaught of birthdays and Christmas parties begins. Not to mention packing bags for our beach excursion this week. More to come about that later. The most amusing part of this weekend was Eleanor’s enthusiasm for shiny things (a.k.a. Christmas decorations) and the songs at mass. She’s at that fun age where she yammers instead of talking. Which is normally hilarious until you enter a spiritual place where not everyone thinks your child singing along as incoherently and loudly as they can is adorable. Ah well, as the tall ones says, “A church without babies crying is a dying church.” We survived that and several half hour long fascinations with Christmas things.
I learned a valuable lesson today. Winter’s dry skin and beets are not a good combination. We believe that homemade is best, particularly with the allergies in my family. This means that I make all of Eleanor’s baby food. I love doing this- it makes me feel like I’m doing something to contribute on the weekdays when I’m at work and away from her. So far we haven’t had to buy any veggies at the store but have been using our CSA Share. More on that some other day. This weekend we made green beans, beets, and roasted parsnips.




Eleanor’s favorite food is parsnips. It also happens to be a big parent favorite too. Yum!!!! All in all, it was a fun weekend.

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