Eleanor Goes to the Beach

This weekend’s adventures were more for the parents than Eleanor.  Given that Eleanor is only just crawling around and thinks plastic bags and mirrors are the pinnacle of all that is fascinating in this world, the parental units chose a vacation they would enjoy for the wife’s 30th birthday weekend.  So, they rented a house and invited mom’s mom, brother, and his girlfriend along for a birthday weekend.  Last December the parents celebrated their last few months of baby-free life by renting this house (well, they’re poor so really it was a gift from the wife’s mother).  It’s a comfortable, clean house with a great view and a block’s walk to beach access in a quiet, small town.  Plus, bonus: it has a hot tub right above the beach and the waves sound amazing at night with the windows open.

Eleanor got to do a lot of exploring, and so did the dog.

Front-load washers and dryers are the best thing ever to Eleanor
The dog even got to explore some on her own on the empty beach.
The parents sent the dog into the small, scary caves to check them out. Not sure if this was in hopes the dog would just decide to stay.
The dog met another friend
Said friend had a great time exploring the little tide pools.
Should I rename this blog “Adventures with the Creature?”
Eleanor is great at crawling over obstacles now.
Can’t quite figure out why someone put a baby in the bottom of the pot (mirror)
Snug in her pack for a beach walk.
The whole family
Someone is never looking at the camera
Peek-a-boo face


When it came time to leave, even the dog was sad.
Hey guys, did you know there is another baby in the bottom of this pot?


Bundled up and ready for a walk!


Cute smiles!


Look ma, no hands (on the ground that is!)


I want to go see the ocean!


Ok, we’re off to figure out how we can budget to get a hot tub and an ocean view.

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