We’ve got this standing thing down now! We’re thankful she’s so deliberate in her actions… She typically thinks about things for a while before she does them so by the time she decided she was ready to stand she was quite strong. We’re hopeful this will mean less bumps and bruises when she starts walking. 🙂




Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, Grandma and Grandpa G came over with Uncle Logan.  First we all opened presents and ate pastries.  Then, during Eleanor’s nap we got dinner ready and ate mid-afternoon after finishing opening presents.  It was a fun day full of laughter and amusement.  Eleanor had more fun with the wrappings and boxes of course.  Eleanor had green beans during dinner, and by her face we could tell she didn’t love her first taste of green beans.  🙂 Back to Parsnips we go!!!  🙂

DSC_0701       DSC_0669

DSC_0680 DSC_0685


DSC_0730 DSC_0721




Eleanor with what has so far proved to be her favorite stuffed animal, Myrtle…  🙂

photo 5

December’s all a blur… Christmas party and fun times

December went by quickly for our little family. Between the coastal getaway and busy work days, the first half of the month was gone in a flash.  After coming back from the coast, we decorated the house for Christmas and then it was time for what mom endearingly calls the “clan” Christmas party.  It’s a Sunday every year when Eleanor’s paternal grandfather’s side of the family get together to celebrate and spend time with one another.  It’s a fun, loud gathering and continues getting bigger and bigger every year as the clan itself grows.    Eleanor enjoyed getting to see all the family and crawling around exploring.

Eleanor was particularly entranced by the rug

That said, she definitely was a social baby, compared to her usual self.


After the party, we came home and finished decorating the tree.


Tyler even came to help.  Dad certainly had his hands busy trying to keep little one from pulling down the tree, but it was worth it to see the smiles on her face.