Snow days

The last few days have been amazing. Mom came home halfway through Thursday to work from home once the snow really started sticking and has been there ever since. She had few meetings on Friday so it was a fun mommy daughter day. Except Eleanor decided to take 5 hours worth of naps and then go to bed at 5pm. She didn’t wake up until Saturday at 730 so I guess she needed her sleep! Other than her naps, the day was full of crawling and cruising and laughter. Eleanor even forgot at one point that she can’t walk yet. She started off cruising around the coffee table, then got excited about the dog across the room. Got about a step away from the table and realized she was walking away. Her eyes got so huge and she crashed straight onto her cloth diaper bum. So funny! But we’ve been having a fun time with her in the snow. She loves it.






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