When we decided to use cloth diapers for Eleanor, we bought several different types: all-in-ones, pocket diapers, snap covers and velcro (excuse me, “hook and loop” Velcro is  copyright of the Velcro Brando and should not be used without permission, please do not sue us Velcro)  covers.

Eventually we decided to use the snap covers and hook and loops, as they were easy to pack and go, easy to clean, and left plenty of room for Eleanor to grow.

Recently we had been noticing our diapers starting to get a bit torn up in the wash, and realized that this was because the hook and loop was tearing them up. So we decided to phase out those covers and replace them with the snap variety.

Today we decided to accelerate that process.

Eleanor is super smart and has surprisingly strong arms. With the heat wave the last couple of days, we’ve just been putting her down for her nap with a shirt and and her diaper.

Well, today she had a poo while she was going down for a nap. She decided this made her uncomfortable. So she elected to remove her diaper. With it being velcro, and her having strong little hands, this proved to be a fairly simple task.

However, once she had the diaper off and the poo into her crib, she had no idea what to do next. That is when she summoned the parental units with a panicked yell, which sent the wife scrambling into Eleanor’s room.

She scooped up the panicked baby, having no idea that while she was scooping up the child, the child was scooping up a mound of poo.

By the time she discovered the full extent of the situation, child and mother were covered in swaths of poo. By this point dad was summoned to help in the clean up and began removing the sheets, pillow cases and stuffies from Eleanor’s bed while wife plunked the child in the tub.

All told, it was quite the poo-tastrophe.

From  now on, only snap cloth diapers for us.



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