Concert In the Park

 I love living and working so close to downtown.  It allows me to have a very short commute to work and subsequently more time with my little one and her dad.  I’ve also been very thankful to take this most recent promotion because I have been able to have a slower ramp-up time for this project.  It’s allowed me time to take a lunch and go home to see Eleanor while she’s still awake. Today it allowed me to go to one of the noontime concerts in the park downtown at Esther Short Park.  Grandma G picked up Eleanor to watch her for the afternoon while dad makes an important call.  They grabbed me on the way down and I got to listen to a fun Marimba band, Supadupa.  Eleanor really enjoyed it and was bobbing her head most of the time.  We also had visits from a nearby little boy who thought Eleanor looked like a fun little girl to smile at.  Super fun. 

Esther Short Park Crowd
Serious about her music


Our hair fits the music genre, I think.
Rapt Attention


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