Precious Moments

Now I get why they called that silly little brand precious moments. There are so many little ones and we treasure each one. Reading by the fire the night before Thanksgiving as a family is a very precious one.
Taking a walk
Love our little reader.


Also we have been enjoying our fall mornings and afternoons before it becomes winter. After swim lessons the other day Grandma did our hair and gave us a Pebbles hairdo. Haha.





Eleanor dressed up as Minnie Mouse this Halloween. She thought the ears and poofy skirt were a kick.

Taking a break from Trick or Treating to read a book with mom.
Taking a break from Trick or Treating to read a book with mom.

Before Halloween we went to the local pumpkin patch to find some good pumpkins. We came away with a Mommy sized pumpkin, a daddy sized pumpkin and an Eleanor sized pumpkin. Eleanor had great fun trying to carry all of the pumpkins around the house all week, although the daddy sized pumpkin was a bit too heavy. However, we have a Styrofoam decorative pumpkin in our house every year which is roughly the same size as the largest pumpkin that we bought this year. The child was understandably befuddled about why she could lift one pumpkin with ease and the other one felt like it was loaded up with bricks.

This pumpkin is my pumpkin guys, nobody steal it!

Eleanor also had great fun organizing the pumpkins in the cart at the pumpkin patch.

A little pumpkins amidst the pumpkins.

Walking the dog

We went on a family walk today and little one was apparently paying very close attention to how the parents walked the dog. We forgot to put the leash away and she found it and hooked it up to the dog. She then pulled the dog around the house. The dog was…not pleased with this development.