Toddler tries a trike

Grandpa and Grandma M bought Eleanor a tricycle for Christmas. Eleanor has been fascinated with bicycles for awhile. Two kids in the neighborhood ride their bikes to school, and every time Eleanor sees one goes past, she starts exclaiming “Bike! Bike!”

Needless to say, she was pretty excited to get her own. She was a bit confused about how to ride it at first, but has slowly been getting the hang of it, and has figured out how to cruise down the hallway.

Eleanor riding her trike.
Eleanor riding her trike.

Once she had the basics down, she made sure to teach her favorite stuffed animal, Lily the Elephant, to ride as well.

Teaching Lily to ride.

Potty training time

This weekend was the first concerted potty training experience in the household, and Eleanor did fantastic. To celebrate her success, mom and dad took her for one of her favorite activities — a walk around the neighborhood to splash in puddles.

Going puddle splashing
Going puddle splashing

A milestone moment

This picture may not look like much but it represents a true milestone. This morning mom put Eleanor’s hair into pigtail’s. Later in the morning one of the pigtails came undone. Dad was able to put hair through the hair thingie and make a new pigtail! And without pulling out his daughter’s hair. IMG_8590.JPG

More PT life from today…

We’ve really been enjoying life with a dishwasher, claw foot bathtub and a hot tub! Eleanor has asked for a bath in the pretty tub every morning. Some things we didn’t capture… Logan and Sarah making a fantastic dinner, urban deer, kind strangers saving E’s hat, the Scottish shop, and Eleanor clomping up and down the stairs all day long…







Ok not really… Grandma, Eleanor and I went to watch Ashlyn perform as the Snow Queen in the nutcracker and for some reason Eleanor had a fascination with the blue plastic chairs there. She was so good… Sat through most of it like a champ but 3 hours was her limit! No more sitting still. She got off the chair, grabbed her puppy and my hand and went straight out the door. Haha!